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Spring, New Beginnings, and Renewal

I love spring because it is all about new beginnings - new dresses, a new purse and shoes for Easter, new plants for the front porch, and the anticipation of that long-awaited vacation as soon as school is out!

But my love for spring runs much deeper than new dresses. Springtime is about that beautiful white flower that breaks forth out of the pile of decaying leaves that seems to give me hope and a sense of newness. That pretty little flower is the promise of new beginnings in the midst of winter's losses.

Spring itself is much like our life - a series of failures, pain, and losses followed by realization, restoration, and renewal. If it were not for the losses of winter we would surely not appreciate the newness of spring. If not for the times in life when we feel downtrodden and sense loss, we would never appreciate moments of restoration and renewal. It does not matter how far down we get, we have a friend - Jesus - who is waiting to raise us forth just like the pretty white flower that springs forth! 

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  • Have bought from you mediums and larges.. but I don’t see any of those offered on your website???.. thx


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